Short Stories (2016 Onwards)


[Last updated – 21st October 2018]

Well, although I have posted occasionally short stories on here in the past, I only really got back into writing short stories again in 2016.

Although this was something of an infrequent thing that I mostly seemed to do on special occasions, I started writing daily short stories in February 2018. So, like with my comics index, I thought that I’d provide an easy list of links to the short story collections that I’ve written and, perhaps even information about upcoming collections if and when I decide to write them.


Halloween 2016 Short Stories“: This is a collection of ten short stories that I wrote for Halloween 2016.

Some of them (like “Channel Not Available) are dark comedy stories, one or two (like “Stranger Than Truth) are traditional horror stories and some of the stories veer off into other genres, like dystopian science fiction (eg: “A Tale Of The Tricorn“, which is also an interesting twist on a familiar horror genre too).

– “A Cyberpunk Christmas [2016]“: I had a lot of fun writing these 14 cyberpunk short stories that were originally posted in the fortnight before Christmas 2016.

Although some of these stories are “traditional” cyberpunk science fiction stories (eg: like “Site Access), some of them also include other genres like dark comedy (eg: “Early Access) and fantasy (eg: “Legacy Connection). One story (Sneakernet) was also an attempt to write a cyberpunk story which contained no electronic technology

Although this collection has an over-arching background plot, each story is self-contained and they can be read in pretty much any order (although expect spoilers if you read the last story first).


Back To The 1990s: This is a short collection of five stories, mostly set in mid-late 1990s Britain. It was something of an experiment with both writing historical fiction and writing more “realistic” stories. The results of this experiment were somewhat mixed though.

Halloween 2017 Short Stories“: This is a collection of ten “retro sci-fi” horror stories that I’ve written for Halloween πŸ™‚ Expect film noir detectives, robots, neon lights, crackling radios, flying cars, grisly paranormal events, dramatically rainy weather and all that kind of cool stuff πŸ™‚

Noir Christmas 2017 Short Stories“:
These are ten comedic “film noir” stories which follow a cynical, lazy private detective in present-day Britain.


Short Stories – February 2018“: Well, rather than listing all nine of the individual stories from February here, I thought that I’d collect all the links to them into a single post (although I’ll post individual links to next month’s stories until I make the next monthly round-up post etc..).
Anyway, the highlights of February’s collection include: “Specimen“, “Temple” and “Wake“.

Short Stories – March 2018: Well, I’ve decided to take a break – possibly an extended one- from writing daily short stories. But, here are links to all 24 of the short stories I posted here this month πŸ™‚ The highlights of this month’s collection include: ‘Floor Seven‘, ‘Stage Fright‘, ‘Rusty‘, ‘Expo‘, ‘Haunt Of The Horror Comics‘, ‘A MΓ€rchen In March‘, ‘Village‘, ‘Demo‘ and ‘Last Refuge Of The Splatterpunks‘.

Halloween 2018 Short Stories” [1st November 2018]: This is a collection of all ten of my “Halloween 2018” short stories. The theme of this collection is “The modern world”, which allowed me to include a good mix of horror, dark comedy, satire and even a little bit of dystopian sci-fi too πŸ™‚ If you don’t have time to read the whole collection, the best stories are: “VR“, “Zero“, “Update“, “Void” and “Killer App