Today’s Art (27th February 2018)

Woo hoo! Here’s the sixth, and final, comic in my “Damania Refracted” webcomic mini series. Don’t worry if you missed any of it, I’ll post a full retrospective here later tonight. Plus, you can find links to lots of my other webcomic mini series on this page.

And, yes, it has been way too long since I last made a comic about horror games. In case you’re wondering why the art in “Resident Evil” panel looks so bizarrely angular, it was an attempt at drawing something similar to the low-polygon visual style that the game’s 3D models use. Likewise, I really can’t draw Adam from “Realms Of The Haunting” very well.

But, yes, although old horror games are rarely scary, they’re one of the best expressions of everything great about the horror genre (in a similar way to horror/comedy movies).

Since this comic includes drawings of characters from various computer games, it is NOT released under any kind of Creative Commons licence.

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Damania Refracted – Old Horror Games Rule!” By C. A. Brown

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